New Publication: Inviting Free-Riders or Appealing to Prosocial Behavior? Game-Theoretical Reflections on Communicating Herd Immunity in Vaccine Advocacy


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to appear in Health Psychology (in press). Preview it here. C. Betsch, R. Böhm & L. Korn (University of Erfurt, Germany) Vaccination yields a direct effect by reducing infection but also has an indirect effect, herd immunity: If many individuals … Weiterlesen

New Publication: The influence of cognitive and affective aspects of risk perception during outbreaks


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by Cornelia Betsch & Philipp Schmid in press@Bundesgesundheitsblatt (in German) During the influenza pandemic in 2009, individuals had the choice of either receiving a vaccination or running the risk of becoming infected with the pandemic influenzavirus A (H1N1). For many … Weiterlesen